Our Organization 组织架构与职责

Organizational structure and responsibilities


The first layer

Advisory Board - < appointed by the Board charter >

* Responsible for the supervision and leadership consulting work .

Mentor Corps - < board members can introduce ourselves , selected by the Board charter >

* Board of Directors and Executive Committee are responsible for directing his assistants, coordination and ease the dispute or misunderstanding, the board members preferably age over 50.


The second layer

Board of Directors - < Board of Directors, members of the General Assembly must pass through the election, age 40 and above is preferred. >

* Responsible for long term business plan and strategy group assessment and decision-making.

1. Chairman of the Board serves a two-year term, maximum 2 terms. Retired Chairman of the Board shall be appointed as the advisor. He is directly responsible for coaching and assisting the new Chairman.

2. Secretary office serves a two-year term.

3. Finance office serves a two-year term, the legal office cannot exceed four years.

4. Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, the electoral system must be carried out other duties as may be recommended by the Board.


The third layer

Executive Committee - < Board members can put up recommendation, the Board recommends, but must be approved by the Board >

* Responsible for the implementation of the various services and yearly activity.


The fourth layer

1. “CEO visit” group   2. “Resource Camp” Group   3. “Welfare” Group   4. “Charity” Group


Missionary service group

The main task of each group is to promote group activities. Leaders are responsible for planning, and assist team members and direct responsible and seek resource to assist. Chairman of the group is responsible for internal and external decisions and guidance, the division of the two Vice-promotion group is responsible for coordinating the activities and services.


The fifth layer

Six groups

In a group of eight members, a leader and an assistance leader are appointed. As the head of the newly elected members, in order to more quickly recognize members . The transaction is responsible for leading the group works to help members share the work group, responsible for contacting members. Maintaining contact with the crew, and promote mutual friendship, solidarity play.