Boss Group was formed by a group of seven small medium enterprise owners in Singapore in 2009. Since then, Boss Group has envisioned to extend continuous self-learning journey, inspire and motivate others, share their love and hearts with others, as well as giving back to the society.

The Boss Group has initiated number of yearly activities in supporting of the 4 core value pillar



4 Core Value Pillars

CEO visit

Boss Group organizes quarterly visit to CEOs. Member listen and learn from the CEOs, their business, friendship and family. Members benefit from the close interaction with the CEOs. After the visit, members gets to share their take-away from the valuable lessons.


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Charity Events

Giving is the most important attribute of the Boss Group. It is the spirit to thank and give to the known, unknown and unfortunate. The flagship program in our charity events, we organize handicraft flowers thanks-giving to Mothers in Mother Day every year.


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In-house Resource Camp

Capitalize on the internal resources, Boss Group conducts regular workshops to brain storm and share their diversed personal experience in enterprises. Sessions are very intriguing and argumentative. We spice up with many ideas and opinions in all fields, ranging from local to global business issues and opportunities. We also invite the governmental authorities to update on the changes and dynamics of the Singapore market.

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Conduct trips with family gathering

We uphold the family values of each of the members and we introduce the network with the member family in this yearly fun event

Boss Group has their friends and business associates joining since then. To be sustainable in their ambitious, Boss Group Ltd registered as a non profit organization in April 2012. Boss Group now has 45 members.

Boss Group welcome applicants who want to share, to demonstrate their leadership and to take responsibilities unselfishly in planning and organizing. Members are appointed with assignment, to lead, plan, organize each of the events.

Have Fun !

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